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2009 Volkswagen Rabbit S 2dr HB Man

2009 Volkswagen Rabbit
Trim Info:
Front Wheel Drive, 2 Door HB, Compact
21 mpg city / 30 mpg hwy
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June 9, 2008, 4:31 pm


Question: How do I get water spots off my car?

I have baked on hard water spots. :-(

June 10, 2008, 4:33 pm

David V

Hi Roadie,

I found this - hope it helps:

Water Spots:
These fall into one of two categories:

a) Surface water spots -alkaline watermarks (water spots) are calcium and magnesium salts that deposit on the surface after the water has evaporated, the minute crystals bond to the surface and are not re-dissolvable in water. Rainwater also contains alkaline minerals that alight on the paint film surface and as the water evaporates leave white `water spots' on both the paint and glass surfaces.

Below surface (etched) water spots- are caused by acid rain or industrial fallout causing a chemical reaction, if left for any length of time they will etch the paint film surface leaving a concave circular mark.
Etched water spots are one of the most difficult paint defects to remove so be patient as it will probably take more then one attempt to remove them.

1a) Removing surface water spots from paint film surface-
·Use detailing clay to remove any `hard' surface granules
·To dissolve the alkaline-based, surface/etched mineral water deposits try one or more of the following;
1) 2:1 solution of distilled water/distilled white vinegar
2) Distilled water/Isopropyl Alcohol (adjust ratio as required)
3) Equal parts distilled water/distilled white vinegar/Isopropyl alcohol.
·Use a clean spray bottle and 100% cotton micro fibre cloth to apply the solution to the paint surface
·Wipe off any residue from the paint surface and dry with a damp waffle weave towel
·If any `water spots' remain apply distilled white vinegar or Isopropyl alcohol un-diluted to a 100% cotton micro fibre towel, using a medium/heavy pressure on glass surface, for stubborn spots use an abrasive polish as in (1b)

1b) Removing etched water (below surface) spots from paint-
·These can be removed by using detailer's clay to remove any hardened surface deposits
·Then using a machine polish, Iz einzett TM Metallic Polish or Iz einzett TM Paint Polish and a cutting (LC Orange or Yellow) foam pad (speed # 4) to level the surface
·Work on a very small area at a time (2-foot x 2-foot) until the polish has run out
·Repeat this process two or three times, as necessary
·Reapply surface protection once spots have been removed.

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