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door wont close and tpms light on 2012 sedona
Tpms light on been to dealership several time tires great said computer not recognized sensors reprogrammed it and said I must live near a tower interfering with it. Not true. Pow...
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car shutting off while driving!!
My 1991 Buick Lesabre limited edition (boxshaped) has only 85,000 miles on it. worked PERFECT!! until now it will shut off while im dribing... steering wheel & brakes lock up. I ha...
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transmission problems with an 08' p71
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All my truck wants to do is rev up when it gets past 40-45 mph.
I went up a hill last night and it reved up real bad and i got back to flat ground and it drives fine till i get to about 40-45 mph and it wants to rev up real bad.
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need a seal put in my car leaking pretty bad gonna need it soon
How much would it cost get seal in my car its the seal that goes in between motor and transmission
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2001 f250 V10 engine popping
Metallic tin constant while motor is on
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How to take the front passenger door apart.
The radio speaker is vibrating.
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Vibration when driving...
I have noticed around lower speeds around 40 something and gradually increases with speed, most uncomfortable speed is around 65-85 you can't see the steering wheel shake/vibrate b...
Asked by Krista C January 25, 2015, 4:55 pm 1 reply
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