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When I do rapid acceleration/holding brakes and press gas to high rotations/achieve speed of 30km/h then car make heavy clunking from the transmission. When I decrease speed, it st...
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Multiple repairs but no fix for the problem!?
I've owned my 2007 fit for 3 years no real repairs until now but no one can seem to fix it! The car is shifting slowly as if dropping into he gear and the engine has to think about...
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oil and filter change
recommended oil-filter change 3700 miles. I don't drive 3700 miles a year. what is the time by months to have the service performed (to still be covered by Honda's warranty ??) th...
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A/C wont blow out cold air what should i do?
It blows out warm air just fine just dosent get colder what should I do
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my 1999 Jeep Cherokee classic is making a rapid clicking sound when I put jumper cables on it to sta
clicking sound will not start without jumper cables only will stay started if hitting the gas while jumper cables are connected
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what could the problem be
I have been dealing with this problem for 3 years now I have a 97 GMC Jimmy that won't start after it rains I have replaced the distributor cap, the spark plug wires and the map se...
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What is wrong with my 2002 Isuzu rodeo sport?
Okay, so I have a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo Sport 4wd and ive been having some problems for the past month or so. First off, when I start it, the engine will idle somewhat rough and the che...
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My CRV is approaching 67.0000 miles is excellent condition what things should i have looked at.
I have new brakes and tires are a few years old everything else is original. I am having trouble with my door locks the passenger side wont lock.
Asked by Carla T August 14, 2014, 10:50 am 3 replies
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