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when i put my foot into the accelerator it starts to hesitate , when i over fill the tank it acts th
Feels Like>> Vehicle is sluggish>> When I need passing power and press the accelerator to the floor>> Yes>>
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gages going crazy interior light and door locks dont work
was hooked to a computer at shop for an engine light
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Popping axle FL
Ive looked at it and there is no tear in either boot but it pops as you turn left
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When should TIMING BELT and SERPENTINE BELT be replaced on my 2005 Toyota with 56,000 miles?
Please reply to Jeffrey_Milstein@msn.com
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The lamps all seem to pulsate somewhat during idle. it is not as visible when engine speed is increased - often this eliminates it. Kind of as if the voltage or whatever is going...
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I have squealing noise
After I drive at high speed I hear a squealing noise. Got brakes checked and they are fine.
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Car will not shift gears
Mushy clutch pedal, car will give trouble and needs to force into and out of a gear. can turn off car and turn back on and it will be back to normal with little issues shifting and...
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why is my car jerking & shuts down
I just filled up gas in my car, started it & pressed the gas petal & my car started jerking & then it shuts down.
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