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If the oil pump isn't able to provide enough oil pressure, parts of the engine -- especially those up high where oil needs to be forced in order to lubricate -- won't be fully lubricated, and your cylinder head will start tapping


Does the oil light come on?

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When do I need to change spark plugs?
Have not change spark plugs on 110000 mile kia spectra. It runs fine, does it need to be done? Can I just change plugs and not coils.
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i have had a wobble since i bought my impala it had a wobble coming from the rear end why
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why does my car stall or die when my car slows or stops at a stopsign?
I had a new battery and new sparkplugs and wires installed already it also was diagnosed as misfiring engine problem
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Overhead console
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what's wrong when it doesn't turn over
When I turn the key nothing happens
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is it possible to hook up an OBD 2 component to a OBD1?
I am rebuilding a car and I want to put a hud in it, but it is OBD2 and my car is a OBD1.
Asked by Derek B February 25, 2015, 9:55 am 1 reply
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