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Curry's Auto Service of Dulles Town Center
45591 Dulles Eastern Plaza
Sterling, VA 20166
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Posted by Nathanael H

Just used the Dulles Curry's for the first time. Have to say I was thoroughly impressed! I moved recently and didn't have a "regular" shop to take things to. I have a 2008 Corvette that I am very particular about and where it gets worked on. I just ordered a set of new tires for it (the 'Vette has unusual size tires and most shops don't stock them locally) from TireRack. I wanted a shop that can do a "RoadForce" balance, which most shops cannot (but Curry's can, though be sure to specify). Found them via a list of shops in the area that can provide this type of balance. Also, low-profile tires like the 'Vette uses are more difficult to mount without damaging them, so wanted a shop that clearly had high-end equipment for doing so.

Having gotten my tires via delivery from UPS right around 6 PM, I called Curry's just after 6:30, which was listed as closing at 7:30 to ask what their schedule looked like to either squeeze me in during the evening or try for the morning. Was told I could come on down and they would get me in.

Both customer area and shop are clean, well-lit and welcoming (even the coffee they offer is decent). Charlie, the manager, was very friendly and personable, as well as quite knowledgeable. They got my car into the shop *immediately* and got to it. After noting excessive wear on the inner tread portion of my existing front tires, they recommended an alignment check, which I went ahead with. They got the tires mounted and balanced quite quickly. Since it was late and there were no other customers around, I got to wander back into the shop area for a bit. One thing I noted was that they actually (correctly) used a torque wrench to properly torque down the lug nuts. Far too many shops get lazy and use a pneumatic driver which can over-torque the nuts, leading to damaged lug bolts and warped rotors. They also checked my brake wear while they had the wheels off and let me know that they were in good condition.

As they were bringing the car back down from the lift I asked if it were too late to get an oil change too, for which I was due. They readily agreed to do that and knocked it out in just a few minutes. They then put the car up on the rack to check the alignment, which was only slightly off, but I let them go ahead and correct it. Charlie even knocked a few bucks off on that since it didn't require major correction.

Also, they covered my driver's seat with plastic wrap before pulling it in to avoid getting the interior dirty. I got no grief whatsoever about the fact that I kept them there until around 8 PM. In chit-chat with the techs, they were both very friendly and knowledgeable. I have to say I was really impressed and will definitely be back in the future.

Great job guys, and look forward to coming back!

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Posted by Joyce D

Love the folks at Curry Auto - Dulles! I always know they'll be fair in their assessment, thorough in their explanation, and economical in their bottom line pricing. It's nice to know, since I have very limited 'car knowledge', that I'm getting an opinion from folks that function like doctors do with patients - doing the right testing and taking the time to explain and lay out options, instead of selling me what might benefit their bottom line. I highly recommend Curry Auto Service - they're what auto service should be about!

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Posted by Micheal F

Had both state and emissions testing done. Work was completed sooner than stated. Very pleased and will be back for any further services that need to be performed. Will also be bringing in another vehicle for service.

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Posted by Aaron E

Only problem I have is when I drop the suv off for rear brake service and I already had the parts with out appointment at about 1:30pm, they did not seem willing to do the work on my suv. Work completed after 7pm. Okay if I had the time to do this my-self it would not have taken me several hours to do and then I get charged over $200.00 to wait after work for something that should not have taken so long to do. I will think twice the next time I need work on any of my cars and trucks.

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Posted by Martin B

The service was very good however I mentioned I should get a senior citizen discount.I don't believe it was applied to the bill.

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Posted by Greg B

I brought them a fuel filter to put on the car. I left with the fuel filter still in the box.

I got a bad tank of gas. I added some dry gas to the tank and limped the car through using the bad gas. As a side effect of this, the car used some oil. When I brought the car to Curry's, the car was 2 quarts of oil low. They found this amusing and gave me grief. Instead of adding 2 quarts, they changed the oil for $113 (and an hour and a half wait), and not the $88 deal for changing the oil and rotating the tires for the legalistic argument that the deal only covered 5 quarts of oil. We could have used one of the quarts taken out to make up the difference if it was that important, but profit is more important than customer satisfaction.

I will avoid this place from now on. I can get abused by the Cadillac dealership - I don't need these guys. They are far too interested in their bottom line than my loyalty.

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Posted by Dennis J

The service front desk was great. However one issue the mechanic left grease marks on the inside A pillar requiring I get the interior detailed.

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Posted by Christina K

Great job, car was ready when they said it would be.

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Posted by Julie S

Excellent service, as always.

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Posted by Carl G

Very pleasant and professional service. Will definitely return.

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