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Curry's Auto Service of Gaithersburg
457 N Frederick Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
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3.9 out of 5 based on 19 user reviews.

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Posted by Larry S

We are very pleased with the whole experience. Mike went above and beyond since durning chckout of the car, new problems (which were not problems when the car was brought in) manifested. We did not experience of "it wasn't our fault" or "oh well", instead he stepped up and said that he would note it in the file and work with us to correct the new problems the next time that we bring the car in. Even my wife, who can be a little persnickety, was pleased with the work that was done.

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Posted by Jigar S

Everything was great, but somehow they weren't able to give me my paperwork after the service was complete. Next day I had to call them and then they emailed me the entire paperwork for the work done.

Redeeming groupon was also problematic as they kept saying that I owed money whereas I had the entire service paid for using Groupon.

The work they do is good, but I am not sure if I would agree to be as GREAT as they claim from their reviews and Angie's list.

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Posted by Peter V

BEWARE OF THIS MERCHANT! If I could give ZERO stars, I would! However, then it would appear I merely forgot to rate them. The salesman (Steve) was very deceptive and condescending, implying that particular items on the car needed to be "repaired" to pass inspection. When one of the mechanics pointed out they did not, he CONCEDED that they did not. He did not say he made a mistake in believing they did, merely acknowledged they did not, effectively admitting he was trying to sell extra services. None of my 3 cars will EVER be going to ANY Curry's location for service. They are not trustworthy. Other than knowing how to try selling extra services, Steve did not really appear to know much about cars. By the way Steve, other than the tire I let your shop replace (which was indeed needed), I was able to make all of the required repairs myself, with store-bought parts. No $120/hour Curry service was needed, but thanks.

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Posted by Arnold L

Quick prompt service

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Posted by Michael R

The service was Outstanding! All the staff are customer oriented.
The work done on my Dodge was very difficult, dealing with the electrical system. The windows now work, which was the main problem.
I still need to schedule a follow-up visit to have them address a few other items that are related to the electrical issue.

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Posted by Soraya C

The service was okay and your prices are ridiculously high. I got a way cheaper quote for the same work elsewhere!

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Posted by Justin P

Had my car in for Tires/wheels/TPMS. They got everything sorted for a very reasonable price (Cheaper than the chain tire stores in the area) and their Roadforce balance machine got everything spot-on! Service was excellent and the courtesy shuttle is a BIG plus. I've spent nearly a day in a busy Tire store and would never want to again!

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Posted by Kara B

Some major work had been done to my Hooptey, ($900) worth and I still have more work to be done. Currently, there is Thick White Smoke coming from my car that was'nt there prioir to me bringing it in. Also I brought it in for jerking, as though it was about to cutt off. We chose to fix the Motor Mount, etc. and to have me come back and finish the rest of the work in a week or so.

Currently, the White Smoke comes when I start the car in the mornings. It's thick and lingers around for at least 20 minutes.

I am using a friends truck currently because an Officer informed me I should'nt be driving it like this.
The service @ Curry's was great. Very informative, pleasant and nice atmosphere.

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Posted by Josh A

Quick, fair-priced, friendly service. The only place I now entrust for car repair and maintenance.

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Posted by Alicia T

I am for sure going to bring my Jeep back for any service needed in the future. The employees were very nice. I even had my dog with me and they welcomed him as well when we waitied. Def. a great place to have your car serviced!

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