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D W Campbell of Kennesaw Inc.
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Kennesaw, GA 30144
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Posted by Wanda L

five star rating

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Posted by Paul L

Garry and crew are always take good care of our autos.

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Posted by Jeffery P

Gary has my truck running like new

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Posted by Jimmy / Starr C

As usual, excellent top of line service. Was headed out of town when I had issues. The next day, made it their priority to get me back on the road quickly as possible to go out of town. HIGHLY recommend. Garry is fantastic.

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Posted by Jan W

Had a tire that was losing air. Took it in to be fixed. The work was done relatively quickly. My one complaint is that if my car is parked out front -- obviously finished -- then my name should be called so that I can pay and leave. I shouldn't have to approach the desk to nudge the cashier along. He also wasn't the friendliest of people. May not be a morning person, but his "bedside manner" left much to be desired.

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Posted by Phil S

It was an over all good experience as always. Something to improve on would be to call customers about ten minutes in advance to their car being finished especially if it is going to be completed at closing. This will allow time for the customer to get there and not hold up any of the staff from doing their closing duties,

Another way to improve is to always have someone ready to help out at the front if they are able. I saw someone on the computer reading an article or something, a non important task, which caused me to wait until another employee noticed me, minutes later, to come and complete the transaction. It was a little frustrating especially since we had plans for a little after close. Look at suggestion number one, it ties in and can be helpful.

The last experience that I remember is in talking to the tech or employee in charge of my car, Frank, he was unable to answer some of my questions in relation to the repairs. I understand you all can't give definitive answers all the time but it would be helpful to your guests if you could answer all questions, especially ones in relation to safety, with confidence and a more presice answers.

Over all, it was a good experience as usual, just a few things to improve or at least think about. I will definitely be coming back again. Thanks for the thorough work as always.

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Posted by Frank/amanda M

I had a nice experience. They did the work and kept me informed on what was going on.

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Posted by Jeffery P

Call Gary after I got off work. I had a flat he come on we will take care of it. Out in less than 30 minutes. Way to go to Gary and the guys at Kennesaw Goodyear

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Posted by Kim K

Great customer service and service completed in a timely manner

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Posted by Paul L

Garry always does a great job and validates our trust in him with each of our visits. We've been his customers for 10 years and intent to be for the next 10 and beyond.

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