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Tansky Sawmill Toyota
6300 Sawmill Rd
Dublin, OH 43017
Call (614) 766-4800
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Posted by Kevin F

Did not wash car as was requested. Otherwise was very good. Great staff.

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Posted by Daniel F

Very happy with the service, sales, and truck!!

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Posted by Keith C

I am at Tansky for a follow-up. Make certain you have two sets of keys - especially fobs - before you sign the paperwork. Your keys are not provided before that. Tansky's is providing another fob tongo with the naked spare key. The key by itself, will not start a push-button ignition!

I want to add that our salesman, Brian Barrett is, indeed, exceptional. He worked with is in narrowing our choices from 6 to 3. And, our selection went to Final Prep only to find out, then, that our 2003 trade was only worth $300 with new tires! We had to back up a year and choose a back-up selection.

Finally, and very concerning was what was promised by Dan Perry, a manager who was going to "track down a spare key" only to tell us that the cost would be $180.00. He provided a black 2014 for us to drive while our 2013 was to have done:
1) look at or repair the pulsing/light grinding from the front passenger wheel (I suspected a failing Hub Bearing).
2) Adjust the emergency brake so it holds the car to pass a Lyft inspection (replace the rear brakes would be expected if need-be.
3) Repair a moderate leak from the rear passenger tire
4) Repair a scratch I caused from a curb which Dan said would be $40.00
5) Add a front license plate bracket since the car came from Indiana

On Saturday, I checked on the car. A lady that answered said she would look into the car being at the Body Shop. I called Dan on Friday and left a voice message that we had not been contacted to come get our car, as was planned. It was a nice voice message I recorded saying the black Toyota loaner was enjoying our garage.

Monday morning, Brian Barrett called to say the car was ready. Dan Perry calls me on a voice message sounding perturbed I had not come in Saturday or Sunday to pick up the car. And, he needs the Black Toyota back today. And, wants to know when he expects to hear from us! He had not listened to his voice messages and it was noon when we talked over the phone after we had gotten out of exercising at a community center. Then, in the conversation he kept interrupting me twice. And, he told my wife "Can I talk?" Bad day or not for Dan, this is not professional. And, to make return calls without listening to voice messages is unacceptable. Forgiving, but not professional! This really surprised me.

We pretty much found that Dan Perry must have done a stop-loss at $88.00 for the screw in the tire; and for the emergency brake adjustment. I suspect the Hub Bearing/ CV shaft issue got a verbal pat-pat from service. I had to ask for proof of a work order...which was generated on that Monday (no issues of course). And, the car had not been worked on at the Body Shop. I think Dan forgot we were paying for that. Or, he just got worked up and said don't do any more work on this. The license plate bracket was still missing also!

Mark Cox saved the day that Monday, the 13th of November. He said the touch-up guy would be in on Monday the 20th (today). I agreed to pay him $50.00 for today's work on that scratch and another "boo boo". And, Marc has a key-guy here today to get me the fob.

Overall? We are repeat customers since the 2003 Camry XLE we purchased October 11th, 2011. Brian was able to have $200.00 taken off. This is a cash price, remember, with no trade-in now.

If it were not for Marc Cox and Brian Barrett, I would say I could not recommend the newly updated, stepped-up Tansky Toyota. I just expect more for "after-the sale with no bickering" than all the fuss to "make things right". I sense Tansky is cutting a very visible expense to them after the sale. And, they must have eliminated television advertising, too. They could feature top employees in their advertising as an incentive.


Keith Carey
521 E. Stanton Ave.
Columbus, OH 43214

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Posted by Johny M

This is the second time I bought a car with Tansky. Would love to buy more in future. Thank you!

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Posted by Raymond B

Great experience!

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Posted by Kathryn P

Thank you!

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Posted by Nance S

Bryan Montgomery was very professional in finding a car that fit our requirments for age,milage and price.We were both very happy with the results.He checked every thing out on are application,and submitted it in a timely manner to the credit department.The credit manager that handled our application did a great job of explaning everthing on all the paper work that required signatures. Thanks,Tom & Nance Schooley

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Posted by Paul W

A first class experience. Your rep, Mr. Lafont, was friendly, helpful and accommodating. All in all, a pleasant experience. These are reasons I have been a Tansky customer for over 30 years.

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Posted by Ray D

Always a two way conversation.

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Posted by Bruce S

Service was generally good but they forgot to replace back windshield wiper that was requested when the service appointment was made

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