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Tri-State Toyota Scion
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191 W Main St
Dudley, MA 01571
MON: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
TUE: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
WED: 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM
THU: 7:30 AM - 7:00 PM
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SUN: Closed
Call (508) 943-7474
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Posted by Jeanne A

I had excellent service at TriState. The salesperson was cordial, personable and knowledgeable. The personnel even went the extra mile for me with an insurance issue. Great people to do business with.

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Posted by Kenneth P

the service was very prompt and professional

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Posted by Norma H

great service

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Posted by James H

excellent friendly and fast service

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Posted by Susan C

We were very satisfied with the repair of our airbag problem. After driving 100 miles as advised, the passenger side light has not come back on. We were advised of the need of a new battery (which we did replace on our own). The technician fixed the problem that we came in with and advised us of a couple of other relatively minor issues without the usual excessive push for us to let the dealership fix it. That was appreciated. The car passed inspection which was our main goal. We will likely continue to use your dealership for issues that we can't solve on our own.

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Posted by Jennifer A

Excellent, prompt service as always!

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Posted by Keith W

Sadly, at the time of this review, I am still at the dealership waiting to take delivery of my new vehicle. It must be noted that I arrived at the dealership at 10:30am and it is now 2:30pm. The problems began when I left the dealership at 10:45am. About one mile from the dealer, both my daughter and I noticed an increasingly loud vibratory sensation the more I accelerated. I decided to return to the dealer and explain the issue with my salesperson, Jim Brown, who has been great this far. The dealer quickly took it into the service bay and concluded that the rotors were no good. After repairing/replacing the front two, they realized that the other two should be replaced as well. While I understand that things like this can happen, you would think that this would have been caught with their initial assessment of the vehicle prior to displaying for sale. I cannot be sure why, but I did not notice the vibration during the test drive. I can only attribute this to not obtaining sufficient speed. I don't know if the dealer plans on compensating me for my lost time,for what is clearly their negligence, but I feel cheated after spending upwards of 20k and losing what is now four hours of a Saturday; and I haven't even left yet.

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Posted by Shawn C

Great service! Mark is the best!

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Posted by Daniel B

Great place to buy a vehicle Mark was honest and gave us a good deal on a great truck !!!

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Posted by William D

always pleasant

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