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1996 Ford Thunderbird LX 2dr

Questions & Answers

A: Oil In Water?

You are right on. It is the intake manifold gasket. There was no water in the oil so I assume that's why it was only the intake manifold gasket. Thank you so much for your help. Along with a few other minor things, it's an $1125 job. Then attempting to get money back from Purrfect Auto on Ann Road here in Las Vegas for a rear main oil seal that they DID NOT DO! They cleaned it up, put some type of sealant on it and painted it silver to look as if it had been done and charged me $700. Needless to say, I'm all over that one! Thanks again for your help. Linda Stroup

Mechanic Q: Do I need a front-end alignment??

Bought this car from a dealership and it appears to be in good shape. It pulls to the right, more so on the freeway at higher speeds. What should I have checked?

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