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1996 Ford Thunderbird LX 2dr

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Oil In Water?

For three days I ran my car with the temp gauge going to the 1/2 way mark which is unusual for my car, it never goes over the 1/4 mark. I opened the hood and just looked at the overflow tank and it had plenty of water in it so I assumed the water/coolant was fine. I finally took it to my son on the third day (he's a mechanic) and he asked me if I ever looked at my engine. On the top radiator hose was a hole from rubbing up against the bolt on the air condition pulley. Mind you, my son was the one who replaced all my hoses not three months ago and admitted that he did a "rookie" move by not checking to see that the hose wasn't touching the bold and anything else. So, is my engine blown? What should I do to correct this? Flush the water system AGAIN? Help!!!

Mechanic Q: Do I need a front-end alignment??

Bought this car from a dealership and it appears to be in good shape. It pulls to the right, more so on the freeway at higher speeds. What should I have checked?

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