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71's Garage


2009-06-10 06:33:36
Can't ask for more from a light truck.   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
I own a 2001 Ford Ranger 4X4 XLT-Off Road. Its simply been the most satisfactory vehicle I've ever owned. Despite
being in 3 accidents over the years this truck's reliability has been fantastic. Only routine maintenance has been
required: breaks, flushes, pcv valves, etc... I'm currently at 135,000 miles. The only maintenace problem I had was
the stereo shorting out at about 80K. I love the Ranger because it holds a big man comfortably. There is lots of
leg and head room. You fell like you are sitting in a legitimate chair - not like a Tacoma where the seat is only
about 8 inches off the floor and your legs stick straight out. The 4 doors are another plus which makes it easy to
access the extended cab. The only real knock I have against it is the gas mileage (about 17 mpg combined) which is
enough to make me consider getting rid of it. Nissan's light truck gets better gas mileage but that thing looks like a
space-ship. Not for me.