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African_Viper's Garage

2005 Volkswagen Golf GL 4dr HB TDI Manual


2011-06-22 06:22:17
05 MK4 TDI 1.9 HB MANUAL   . . . . .   
I bought this car in 05. Into the 2/3 rd year of ownership, my clutch went out. Dealership initially refused to cover
then we ended up splitting cost. Then turbo went out in 4th year of ownership - warranty covered @ 99,940km. Changed
timing belt on 2011 with mileage currently @ 132k. Bought warranty for seat covers, DO NOT let dealer shampoo or apply
shampoo! Will leave soap scam/stains. Waited 4 years to get compensated for seats. Warranty is out now besides corrosion
12 years or 999999km. The fun begins here. Stock hp is 100 and torque 177. Bumped hp to 145 @ 4000rpm and torque to 272
@ 1800-5000rpm. The turbo feels good as it kicks in. God willing in process of reducing turbo lag by 25% which will
allow the torque to kick in at 1350rpm approx. Great to the good LORD for my car. Enjoy folks.