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Ayesha's Garage

2001 Acura TL Base 4dr Sedan 3.2L


2008-07-24 22:34:57
2008 Acura RDX   . . . . .   
This car is great! Comfortable seats, fast, powerful acceleration, and an attractive, sporty look! It doesn't drive like
an SUV- it actually handles more like a sedan. I love driving this car! Acuras in general have never disappointed me- I
would vouch for them as a brand!

2008-07-24 22:10:46
Love this car!   . . . . .   50% Useful Rating
When we first got the MDX, I was a little weary about owning an SUV, but this car completely changed my mind! The only
negative is the gas mileage, especially with today's prices! But besides that, it's a great car in every way. It is
extremely comfortable, rides really smoothly and handles extremely well. It is powerful, stereo system makes music sound
great, and is just overall a joy to drive! I would definitely recommend this car to anyone!

2008-07-24 21:59:26
Unique car!   . . . . .   
I find this car weird-looking; I guess it's supposed to be "stylish" but in my opinion, it's just a little strange. The
flame style design does not appeal to me. However, in driving it's much better. The brakes are good, the steering and
handling is excellent, but it is a bit jerky. It is comfortable considering its size but you still have to hunch a bit
to get inside. I would go for a different BMW series definitely!

2008-07-24 21:07:56
Great car   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
This is easy to handle for a big sedan. The iDrive is complicated but overall, its a great drive- I always enjoy it!

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