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2001 Mazda Tribute SUV DX 2.0L Man

Questions & Answers

A: 4 wheel drive light blinks?

Thanks for your reply, but I have been to three shoppes and no code shows up. The owners manual is no help.

Mechanic Q: 4 wheel drive light blinks?

At time my 4 wheel light indicator will blink. I can just start the Tribute and not have it in 4 wheel drive. before I even put it in drive the indicator will start to blink. It doesn't do this all the time. At times it will start to blink while I'm going down the road, with out the 4 wheel drive on. Any one have any ideas on what it could be? Thanks

Mechanic Q: plug #4 misfires most of the time, plug #1 misfires when car is not used over weekend or Damp.?

Hi, a year ago, I had trouble with the back plugs misfiring 4,5,6. Had the plugs replace, moved the good coils (front) to the back and put 3 good used coils on the front 3. Still had a little misfire on 4. Now 4 misfires most of the time and when it's cold andor damp 1 misfires but starts to work well again after a few days. Had it to two local garages and they don't know the problem. It's the only vertical I have and the mechanics at the dealer don't work on weekends (45min from me). Can you help? Thanks, Bill