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ahall's Garage


2009-06-12 11:31:18
Happy with my Yaris   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
I have driven this car for two years and have no complaints. I have a 52 mile commute (one way) to work 5 days a week
and drive a mix of interstate and backroad highway. I bought it for two reasons: looks (Cute!) and gas mileage. (I
average 35 to 40 mpg) I live in West Virginia and have been able to get where I need to go in the winter (after putting
snow tires on the front) and have passed SUV's on a snowy day in the ditch upon occasion. The car handles great on
curvy country roads, while still giving me plenty of power to go on the interstate. The interior is very comfortable
with plenty of room. I have had no complaints from passengers on even long trips. Drawbacks (but I accept
them): -Lightweight - high winds can push the car around -The rear defroster does not automatically go off after the
window is defrosted to a certain temperature, so if you forget you turned it on, it can burn out if left on too long. I
love this car. Period.