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2001 Ford Focus LX 4dr Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Why the engine overheats on 110 km/h ??

Hi I have a Ford Focus 2001 /1.6 (Automatic,Zetec SE) and I have noticed that in the last couple of days on the highway if I push it over 100 km/h the engine temperature is rising suddenly to maximum .If i drop the speed below 100 km/h the temp. is dropping back to the safe zone. I should mention that the cooling liquid is on the normal level,but I did find it one time on minimum (the first time when this rising temp occurred) . And I had changed the engine oil 1 month ago I am using now Castrol 5w30 A1 I am wondering is it the cooling system pipes (probably stacked somewhere ) or maybe the new oil I am using causes the overheating or the Thermostat sensor (temp sensor) I live in Cyprus (35-40 degrees Celsius) Thank you in advance . Alex