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alice8193's Garage

2009 Honda Fit Sport 5dr HB Man


2012-01-27 18:49:50
Review at 51,000 miles   . . . . .   
I am completely satisfied at this point in that I got the most bang for my bucks with this basic vehicle. I drive 40
miles to and from work and it handles well on the highway. I am still amazed it gets much better gas mileage than the
sticker. Averaging 42 on the highway, and 36 city. For the amount I paid ~ $17,000, it was the best value and rivals
most hybrids in fuel economy and costs much less to boot. I am about saving money. Two kids and ski gear or bikes have
been hassle free. I mean fitting them all inside! Not a glitch yet, although I am following the maintenance schedule.
I wish the upholstery and 'carpet' (felt-like) was more durable, but again, it is a low-priced vehicle. I also wish
the side mirrors had a heat element, so they would not freeze or mist over. Hard to see without a defrost mechanism.
All in all, very good car. I would recommend getting the windows tinted the minute you take it out of the showroom,
since there is no factory installed tinting and you feel like a fishbowl driving around.