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Mechanic Q: why is my truck burning up my fuel pumps??

I have a 99 Honda passport with about 230,00 miles on it . in January of this year (after sitting up a couple months) I replaced the fuel pump .....which makes that fuel pump #3 . 3 fuel pumps within 2 years. After replacing the 3rd fuel pump in January, the truck ran perfect . Two weeks later it was towed and sat up for three weeks. drove fine for a few days . it then started going dead when coming to a stop . had to keep my foot on the brake and gas at the same time . after driving for so long (engine warmed completely up) it would then stay running when idling (always when I reached my. destination ). Now it seems to be worse. have to really gas on it after cranking it, to keep it from going dead. while driving it is fine until I have to start slowing down . it starts loosing power and will go dead if gas is not immediately pused . I'm guessing its a problem with my fuel pump again .??? and what is causing my fuel pumps to burn up? and is this a fuel pump problem or something else?