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andrew13's Garage

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer ES 4dr Sedan Manual


2009-06-15 23:18:19
Zipcar Yaris   . . . . .   
It was an interesting drive. The car is incredibly small for my size, even though I'm average height and weight (about
5' 9", 180). Everything felt cramped, even when I moved my seat back and tried to be as comfortable as possible. The
handbrake also felt like it was in a strange angle, and I couldn't move it easily. The handling was good, not
spectacular, and a bit too sensitive for me. The engine felt powerful enough for such a small car (and with such great
gas mileage), so it was easy to accelerate when entering freeways, or catching up in speed. The ride felt comfortable,
despite how uncomfortable I felt sitting in the car. The gas mileage and reliability of this car is great, and I would
own one in these times of high gas prices.