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andrew9297's Garage

1986 Jeep Comanche X Reg Cab

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: trying to find #5?

trying to find #5 cylinder i need to help my brother figure this out because his coil went bad and i dont know if the engine is left to right or right to left ive already found it to be the coil not the ecu

Mechanic Q: my clutch slips above 3,000 rpm?

i was getting onto the high way and i started to excellerate and my rpm just flew up after i got to 3000 rpm i have a 5 speed maunal i my car has 131000 miles and it has the original clutch is it the clutch is sticking the pressure plate maybe the fluid needs to be changed i am just wondering where i shuld go from here


you may want to replace the hose it might be damage or where it mounts to the lip could be worn so thats a whole another issue

Q: clutch? or fluid or something?

my car is a 5 maunual my car will be fine until i accerlerate hard and my rpm goes way up then drops then it smells like my clutch is burning