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andrewc2769's Garage

2005 Nissan Xterra Off Road 4dr 4WD V6 Manual

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: rechared ac was cool for about two weeks?

it stayed cool for two weeks then it went hot after recharging ac i put leak die in to check an there was not a single leak besides a small one comeing from low pressure filler

Mechanic Q: when cool starts?

when it is cool it starts fine but if i drive it then shut it off i have to put starter fluid in and it starts sometimes other times i let it sit for a bit and then it starts i am wondering if it is ignition cassettte or the mass airflow sensor no check engine light turns on it also will miss fire once in a while but i got new spark plugs that has has stop that why won't it start after being run the tempeture is 90 plus out while it happens i let the turbo spoll down for five minutes then shut it off so thats not the problem

Mechanic Q: re where put coolant ?

there is a clearish bottle that is on the 9-3 on the driver side close to the front of the vehicle it has a yellow cap IT IS NOT THE ONE ON THE ENGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you put the collent in it it isit is directly behind the black box that covers the battery .... if you have any more question about it please feel free to post again

Mechanic Q: humming when i turn right?

i have a humming noise conimg from the rear when i turn right and it gets louder if i go above 60 mph the rear diff has new fluid and i suspect its the wheel bears but i am not 100% sure it only has 49005 miles original

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