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andrews0865's Garage

1992 Subaru Legacy L 4D Sedan

Questions & Answers

A: vibration when turning LEFT only?

Ball joints and bushings need tending to! this car was from the east coast and has lotsa corrosion and rust and wear!! Thank you.

Mechanic Q: vibration when turning LEFT only?

this is an AWD wagon, just replaced all 4 wheel bearings and front c/v axles. When turning left at any speed I get a strong virbration seeming to come from the right side of vehicle. It stops shaking when going straight or turning right. What am I missing here?

A: Car won't start?

Silly me! crank mark was covered in gobs of oil, grease and other crud. Once cleaned off, the mark was off and had to adjusted. Started up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mechanic Q: Car won't start?

this beauty of a rust-bucket was supposedly running when I bought it from a friend. 174k miles onnit, had a spark-plug shoot out of it a year ago and was running on 3 cylinders. All I had to do was fix the head. Replaced the head, gaskets, plugs, and wires. Timing marks are lined up, spark gets to the plugs, and fuel gets to the injectors...why won't it start for me????

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