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2010 Acura RDX Base AWD 4dr

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Program ignition key??

How can I program a new ignition key? I still have one working remote key w four buttons (original) but I’m looking to add a spare. I can buy a chip key or a OEM transponder key online for cheap...have it cut at local hardware store…but I’m curious how I can program it to start my car. Not just unlock the doors. Reading it may not be possible to program without the dealer computer service. Thanks 2009 Toyota Corolla.

Mechanic Q: Pink coolant hits underside of hood?

Hi, car runs great..other than chirping noise in cabin(cannot figure that out). but i did notice that some coolant looks like its building up on underside of my hood. Cap is on tight and level is i do not know how that is possible. Its directly above the cap. I could check hoses but levels look good and no leaks otherwise. thanks

Mechanic Q: chirping/crickets chirping noise inside cabin at low speeds?

hi, i'm hearing a chirping noise when idling and at low speeds (inside the cabin). I cannot hear this while outside my car with the hood up. Its not the AC (as its off). But its real slight and sounds like crickets chirping. Serpentine best looks okay, but i do not know really and if its coming from somewhere else. again, its really only heard at idle - maybe 30mph. if i put the car in neutral and rev the engine a bit the chirping does increase in frequency or chirps per minute....ha. any help? the car is under warranty however i do not want to make unnecessary repairs or work. The car runs like a top it's just quite annoying/frustrating.

Mechanic Q: Fog light bulb?

What kind of bulb can I replace this with? I have a burned out stock light bulb and I'd like to only crawl under there once to replace. I'd like to replace with a more yellow/amber bulb and I'm wondering the exact number like H3, H11, or 9005/6 etc before I buy. Thanks again!

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