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1988 Chevrolet Caprice 4D Sedan

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: thinner tire?

Hello, I've heard wide tires cause an increase in fuel usage. Could I get better mileage with tires more narrow than I use now? 195/60/15 The original tires (Goodyear I think) were expected to only go 30,000 miles.I search around and found a tire with a slightly stiffer sidewall and not so soft tread - Yokohama Avid H4S - it's been a terrific tire. I know they're coming out with tires for better gas mileage. Any thoughts for what tire might be good for me now? Thanks for your time, Lloyd

Mechanic Q: brake problem?

I hadn't made notice in the past but lately it adds to my concern. In the past I'd barely noticed that sometimes when using the brake pedal there was a little bit of travel in the pedal before the brakes engaged. Other times there was practically no travel before the brakes engaged. While my car is in the driveway and not cranked, normally when I push the clutch in the car begins to roll. Lately I've had some times that the car would not roll. I've had times when I noticed the car slowed down while shifting from 1st to 2nd. I have found the front wheels a bit warm while the back were still cool. The other day while on the interstate I had to use the brakes to slow down. I continued on then began to hear a growing kind of 'roar' and some shaking. I thought I was getting a flat so I pulled over. No flat, the front wheels were hot. I've developed this process, while sitting still, of rapidly pumping the brake pedal hoping this would free up the brake. It seemed to work again this time. The front brake pads have very little wear on them and have been on the car since I got it at 13,000 miles. I can tell there is a need to resurface or replace the rotor(s). What can be done about the brakes sticking? The cost will determine whether it goes to Ford, my repair guy or done by myself.

Mechanic Q: how bad will mileage get with 15% ethanol??

I can get 50 miles better on a tank of ethanol free than with 10% ethanol gas. How much will fuel economy drop with the 15% the US gov just approved?

Mechanic Q: engine dies when slowing down?

It doesn't happen right at first when engine is 'cold' but when you slow down to turn onto another street or you're stopping for a light - the engine just dies. Very little warning. You can feel a little shaking and try to step on gas or put it in neutral and hit gas but it's to late, the engine will die. Then you lose power steering and brakes. Very dangerous. Just replaced plugs, rotor, distributor cap and plug wires. Passenger side plugs seemed fairly clean. Drivers side had more gunk on them. Drivers side rear plug had most - kind of a light colored powder. This is all wife has to drive. Got to make it work. Was her father's. Little maintenance done to it. I've used throttle cleaner and fuel additive or cleaner but it's made no noticeable difference. The car still has what sounds like a skip in it. The engine makes no noise, no tapping or knocking. I appreciate any suggestions for what to check. I'll answer any questions. Thank you. Lloyd

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