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basil's Garage

2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited 4WD 4dr w/3rd Row (GS)

Questions & Answers

Q: Starting my vehicle?

If vehicle has been sitting for 2-4 months, will there be enough lubrication in top end of engine to start it up cold, or is there some way to prevent the engine from getting damaged because all the oil has gradually drained down into the oil pan.

Mechanic Q: wipers not working?

After taking cover off wiper motor and exposing wiper module, I removed module and found back side of module covered in some type of red greasy lubricant. Also the face plate of cam was covered in grease. Would this mean a seal has gone and the motor should be replaced. Wiped everything off but it still doesn't work.

Mechanic Q: wipers don't work. Fuse under dash looks ok?

Nothing happens in any switch position except it does pump windshield washer fluid.