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1999 Toyota Camry XLE 4dr Sedan V6 Auto

Questions & Answers

Q: Alignment issue?

I just installed new set of tires and went for alignment at Les Schwabes. The mechanic showed me that the 'Lower Control Arm with Ball Joints' need to be replaced, hence alignment now won't help.He showed me that both arms were wobbling and that inner Bearings had disintegrated. He quoted each arm for @ 170 plus labor. What is the best way to fix them considering I am on a tight budget?

Mechanic Q: Check engine light pops up on/off?

I recently noticed check engine light popup, especially after the car has been running for some time (in summer). At that time the rpm goes less than 1000. The car doesn't run that smooth and I could smell something if car is driven uphill in this condition. When the check engine light goes off, everything goes back to normal. Is the engine 'missing'? Some time ago I had an electronic part replaced in the ignition (when the engine wouldn't start or turn off after shaking vigorously). That has been taken care of but the check engine light is popping up on & off.

Mechanic Q: bouncing/shaking vigorously at stop signs?

I have toyota camry 99 XLE. Recently, the car would start shaking / bouncy at red light or every time I stop, and the rpm needle would go below 1, almost about to die. It also did same thing sometime ago when I started the engine. It never happened earlier, is it because of transmission fluid or something else? Earliest reply would be sincerely appreciated. Thanks

Mechanic Q: Clunking sound?

I had 4 new struts installed, oil change (promotion coupon deal), new tires installed and alignment done on this car during last month or so, each from a different shop/mechanic. I recently notice hearing clunking side specially from driver's side front wheel while turning the vehicle. I referred to the mechanic who installed struts,who suggested that it might be because of age of the car. I am not sure that's the reason or something else but I never had such issue with this car before. I would appreciate if you could suggest best solution for this car. Thanks in advance!

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