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bg4447's Garage

1999 Toyota Camry XLE 4dr Sedan V6 Auto

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: My car does not start?

I have 99 Toyota Camry XLE with 106k miles on it. Last night when i turned on the ignition, it didn't start and just made a spinning / clicking noise. Can you advise me what could possibly be wrong with it? Since yesterday I was feeling that the car is not starting as it usually does.

Mechanic Q: Cost of Changing Timing Belt?

- I need help in finding the cost of replacing timing belt, drive belt, water pump and coolant for 99 Camry XLE with 100,000 miles? -Also I have been told to replace rear motor mount and all 4 struts ? Which is better to replace front or rear? - A mechanic has given me following estimates: $ 660 for timing belt, drive belt, water pump and coolant, $ 295 for rear motor mount and $ 900 apprx. for all 4 struts and $ 558 for replacing either front or rear pair. I would really appreciate if you could give me your expert advice on these repairs and estimated costs. I am currently in Reno NV - 89503. With Regards

Mechanic Q: My car stopped working last night?

Hi, I have been using this car for almost 7 years now since it had 125k miles. Last night I started this car from the parking lot and the ignition stopped barely after 200 meters. The engine light came on the dashboard. I smelled some burning smell when I opened the front cover. I tried to jumpstart it, the battery seems to be fine as the initial start up is there but it does not go beyond that. The car engine has been running on 2 fuel injectors only since last few years. Also I have been using regular fuel instead of premium fuel since the gas prices started rising in last few months. I would appreciate if you could give me some advice regarding the problem in this car and how to fix it on a budget. With Regards, BG

Mechanic Q: slight sound when turn the ignition?

Hi, I bought this car last year. Recently there was some acid build up on battery terminals , as a result of which car would not start and I had to jump start it. Later, I cleaned with warm water and baking soda. Since then it turned on well but I noticed that when I turn the ignition it makes slight sound. My guess is that it is battery which is running out of life. I rarely drive this car and haven't changed the battery since I bought this car. Second, the previous owner did not change the timing belt. Since I do not drive this car often and have been out of work, I haven't changed it either. When and how can I get timing belt changed in most cost effective way? I'll appreciate your help on this matter.

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