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biscayne6's Garage


This car is nothing but a typical example of why the American auto manufacturers are in so much trouble! I have a 97
Mark VIII LSC. I bought the car in 7/2007 from the original owners. The car had 65,xxx miles on it and was very clean
and ran good. I put 22,xxx miles on it in one year. I have replaced the IAC motor, spark plugs THREE times, all 8 coils,
steering rack and all front suspension hard parts, front rotors, the suspension air bags and compressor were replaced
before i bought the car, the paint had been redone before i bought the car due to the clear coat peeling, the left
exterior door handle is about to become inop, the heater does not work until I let the glove box down and pull on a
bungee cord I have hooked to the mode control motor arm, the washer button popped out of the end of the turn signal
stalk, the ash tray lid is crooked because the plastic dowell broke off, the tilt function of the motorized steering
wheel adjustment works now and then, bothe lock remotes eat up batterys in three days, the drivers door mirror glass is
distorted and has fluid in it, the throttle cable is stretched and did not allow full accelleration, the sides of the
front seats have very brittle and obtrusive plastic panels on them which house the buttons for the electric seat
movements, both have been caught by shoes on ingress/egress and they are cracked and broken,the rear view mirror inside
buzzez all the time, the upper rear shock mounts have to be replaced with the design from the similar year T-bird along
with the shocks, I WAS FUMING mad when a low beam headlamp went out and I got the price for one of those bulbs!!!!! $42K
this car cost new.....10 years later I bought it for 5200.00!!!!! Keep up the good work Ford!