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2002 Chevrolet Blazer LS 2dr

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: 2002 chevy blazer fuel delivery problem?

My girlfriends blazer with the 4.3L votec will not start, it cranks but it acts like its not getting fuel. There is a Schrader valve that you can remove the cap and press and when the key turns over it is pumping fuel. You can hear the fuel pump kick on. I got it started by putting a little bit of gas in the throttle body and I let it run for 10 minutes and it continued to run. I then drove it approximately 2 miles to her house and dropped it off, it never shut off on me, and that fuel would of burned out of the throttle body within the 2 miles. I'm at a standstill, any clue with what could be wrong?

A: 2002 chevy blazer fuel delivery problem?

I figured out that it was infact the fuel pump. I hooked up a fuel pressure gauge to the schrader valve and it was reading 50psi. It should be around 60-66 psi, so I guess it had enough pressure to run the engine once it was started (by putting fuel in the throttle body) but wasn't pumping enough fuel to get the engine to fire. Also a couple of people I know told me they had to replace fuel pumps on their Chevys after they did the same thing. Also I've tried to coach my girlfriend not to run the tank down to empty before putting fuel in it because its hard on the pump, hopefully this will be a wake up call once I fix it! Thanks for the help!