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1999 Dodge Avenger Base 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: What is wrong with my car lighter that it wont stay pushed down I have to hold it??

What is wrong with my cars lighter that is making keeping it from staying pushed down when trying to use it ?

Mechanic Q: Why does my vehicles alarm go off sometimes even when I open the door with the key??

The door handle of the driver's side door was replaced by the previous owner. I believe the problem I'm having with the alarm is caused by this. Instead of the driver's side handle put on, they put on a handle that was made for the passenger side. The reason I know this is because I have to turn the key the oposite way to unlock the door.

Q: Can anyone tell me where to locate the alarm system on my vehicle??

The alarm is wacky and is going off even when I open the door with the key. A previous owner went and had the door handle on the driver's side replaced but the mechanic that put it on, put one on that should have been used on the passenger side door. I believe the alarm now is also crossed or confused because of the lock turning the opposite way it should to lock the door.