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bruce_alql's Garage

2009 Honda Fit Base 5dr HB Auto Sport


2010-10-02 04:26:29
it Fits!   . . . . .   
I love my 09 Fit Sport! It is a blast to drive, gets near hybrid mileage if I pay attention to how I am driving (45 mpg
on a trip from Vermont to Rhode Island) at a nowhere near hybrid price. If I am not paying attention to how I drive and
flog it I still get 36 mpg, and normal middle of the road driving yields 39 to 40 mpg. I have read that the mileage
graph indicator runs 4mpg high, but I do the traditional math check of my mileage periodically to compare what the guage
says and what the math says. I consistantly come within 1/2 mpg difference between the 2 with the bar graph erring on
the high side. Stereo sounds great, and dash layout and controls are stunningly simple! This is not to say it is
perfect! I have some beefs about a few things. My 09 came with NO floor mats, they were a $140.00 extra! Wasupwidat!!!
The car has panoramic views in every direction EXCEPT the back window. The top break light impinges on your vision on
the top, and the rear windshield wiper impinges on the vision on the bottom. What you are left with is about an 11 inch
wide space to see out of in the rear view mirror. I think Bradley AFV's have bigger view slits than that! Also the side
mirrors look like they were pulled from the CB 360 parts bin. Too small to be of use in any real sense of the word!
Also I do my own detailing work inside and out, and the dash is a detailers nightmare!!! Its got more curves and
outcrops than the Pikes Peak road rally course and are they ever a pain to try to detail!!! Finally the ride on dirt
roads is jarring to say the least. The short wheelbase and the short sidewall tires do not make for happy times going
over washboarded dirt!!! But these niggles are all small in the grand scheme of things. This is a great car for the
money, the best in its class vs Yaris, Versa, Fiesta et al!!! I would not hesitate to buy another one but probably wont
cause this one will likely last me till I am too old to drive anymore!!!!