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bryanb471's Garage

1995 Ford Mustang GT 2dr Coupe

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: Clattering in Steering on Drvr Side?

I hear a clattering in suspension on driver side everytime I hit the slightest bump. I am assuming it is ball joint. Any idea what else it could be so I can check?

A: What side of vehical is bank 2 considered??

Thanks Ronw you have been a tremendous help. It appears that there is an air leak at the flanges of where the exhaust bolts to Cats. The welds are cracked. I am gonna see about getting this welded and try clearing the codes again.

Mechanic Q: What side of vehical is bank 2 considered??

I have a trouble code and it says Catalyst signal to high bank 2. I changed both cats. I am assuming it is O2 sensors.

A: What side of vehical is bank 2 considered??

The vehical was only giving one code but I rechecked it yesterday and I now have same codes I had before I change the Cats. P420 and P430. Which in the book states that its both Cats. How can this be. I have brand new Cats. A mechanic at the dealership told me to check the exhaust to see if I may have any exhaust leaks. Could this be a possibility? I don't know what else to check other than the sensors maybe.