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2006 Chevrolet Equinox LS 4dr 2WD

Questions & Answers

A: Why my car wont pick up speed??

It has something to do with the catalytic converter

Mechanic Q: Why my car wont pick up speed??

my car wont pick up speed, it only goes like 40 mph tops! What is causing this?

Mechanic Q: Key switch Lock not working?

I have buttons on my key that locks & unlocks my doors and the car isnt responding when I push the button. What could it be? the light on the button lights up but my car isnt doing anything

Mechanic Q: Check Engine Light is on?

My Check Engine Light is on Advance Auto said it was one of my oxygen sensor. Is there a way to see if thats the real problem and see which one it is? (Advance Auto said I had 4)

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