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cchamelin's Garage

2009 Nissan cube S 5dr Wagon CVT


2009-09-07 13:08:43
Still new, but very promising   . . . . .   
I've only had this a short time, but man am I impressed. The CVT is amazing. The Cube has far more get up and go than
I would have thought. Its zippiness is very surprising. It is far larger on the inside than it appears from the
outside, and is very comfortable. I am sure that long drives will be no problem in this vehicle. Now I must admit,
that the styling is not for everyone, or maybe not even for very many. But its uniqueness is appealing to me and my
wife. It is almost a piece of art. It also has a great deal of practicality... like its rear cargo door that opens
horizontally vice vertically. This feature is great for us older folks who don't want to have to lift up the rear
hatch, but still want to have easy cargo loading capability. Still, there is some frivolity in the car, like the
completely useless mini shag rug for the dash...which we affectionately call our Cubic-Hair.

2009-09-07 13:01:47
Best Vehicle I've ever owned...maybe   . . . . .   100% Useful Rating
This is quite possibly the best vehicle I've ever owned. This van still looks and drives like new, even though its ten
years old. I have never had a problem with it mechanically or otherwise. Never had the AC charged, but it is still
ice cold. Anyone who ever chose an SUV over a mini-van and tried to justify it by utility is not thinking logically.
In all categories, this minivan is miles ahead of an SUV. It has more passenger room, nearly twice the cargo room,
better gas mileage, and definitely more dependable than any American SUV. This van is a 3.0L V6 with a towing package,
and can tow just about anything an SUV can. Though I will have to admit that the largest SUVs (e.g. Suburban) has more
power and similar passenger/cargo capabilities, but even then, the minivan kills the Suburban in mileage and
dependability. Sadly, I think most SUV drivers are way too driven by what they think others will think about them.

2009-09-07 12:54:39
Dependable Truck   . . . . .   
My Mazda B3000 is fun to drive. It isn't high performance, but it is torque-y and strong. It does whatever I need it
to do, and it never gives me a problem. It is older Ford technology, but is dependable. My only real complaint is that
it doesn't get very good gas mileage.