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chevy2009's Garage

1996 GMC Suburban Base 1500

Questions & Answers

A: Its hard to start?

Hey there I have used the modis and unfortunaly the computer does show the rpm which to me indicates that the crank sensor is working properly but just in case I did replace it and unfortunatly it didnt fix my problem if you have any other suggestions please im open for anything Thank you very much

Mechanic Q: Its hard to start?

1996 Gmc 2500 suburban with 7.4L is very hard to start at all times I have replaced fuel pump, fuel regulator, cap, rotor, plugs, wires, I have 59psi for fuel pressure and this is the second new starter I have put on it in the last four months I have a snap on modis computer and have ran codes and diagnostics and cant find anything wrong at all its not good for my engine or my starter so I need to see if I can get some advice anyone?

A: Its hard to start?

I will definately check in to that it sounds very resonable and hope it fixs it, I will get the Modis and try it out I will let you know when I figure it out thank you very much for your time

A: Its hard to start?

It cranks just fine no lag it just doesnt want to start but when it does start it runs great it couldnt be any better and yes at one point in time it would start alot easier when it was cold or first thing in the morning versus when it was hot but since I have changed the fuel regulator it doesnt seem to make much of a difference its hard to start cold or at operating temperature I will have to borrow the computer again to check the readings but I can tell you I have checked them and didnt notice anything out of the ordinary.

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