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Questions & Answers

A: 1978 351M/400?

I found a few places that I went with. and, (australianfordparts). Craigs list in my area as well.Thanks for your reply.

Mechanic Q: 1978 351M/400?

I removed the motor from my dads truck and junked the truck. I am looking for aftermarket parts to rebuild it within reasonable prices. Any suggestions on where to find kits? I thought about clevoring a windsor but after reading up on it I am going to stay with what I have. I want to bore it 20 over and port the heads. I also want to install larger valves and use a hydraulic cam k-kit with scorpion roller rockers. The pistons I am looking at are forged flat top. Any suggestions on who may have all in one kits for about $1000 to $1500 that have everything including crankshafts. I will buy the H bearings seperately. I can get the machining done.

Mechanic Q: About the 1978 351M?

I just was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction for finding the kits rebuilding this motor. Any websites or companies I can order from online, that sort of info I would greatly appreciate. I stay in Michigan just 25 minutes south of detroit.