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chris74's Garage

1986 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer Utility 4WD Base

Questions & Answers

A: need a picture of fuse panel?

Thank you that was very helpful

Mechanic Q: need a picture of fuse panel?

writing is rubbed off fuse panel and i need to know what size fuse goes where for what...

Q: What are the main things to check for backfiring??

I was wondering if it could be my muffler and catalytic converter that would make it backfire. the throttle body is all black with soot. it does it more as it gets warmer and I can't go much over 50 mph. I changed the coil because it was bad and also changed the electrical connectors for the injectors. I also had problems with the ECMB fuse blowing when I would step on the brake. I know it isn't good but I have a 40 amp fuse in place right now and it hasn't blown. What might be that problem? Dirty fuel pump? Any suggestions besides a bomb would be helpful LOL... Thank you