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chuck6000's Garage

1999 Ford F-150 Lariat Reg Cab 120

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: what now~~part 2?

OK I got a little help in narrowing down the problem. I am getting fuel up to there, but if I did everything correctly, I checked the power to the injectors with a bulb (194) and I'm not getting any. It's getting to dark former to check the wires, but if they are all good, then what do I check/do next? Anybody want to buy a slightly wore out ford pickup? lol

Mechanic Q: what do i need to check or do next?

The problem started with the pickup dying on me going down the road, but it would restart. Then while driving if I tried to speed up,it would start cutting out. So I changed the fuel filter but that didn't help.Then it wouldn't start without starting fluid. I changed the spark plugs but that didn't help either. Then I couldn't get it to start at all, so I changed the fuel pump but it still won't start. If I spray starting fluid in it it will try to crank, but it doesn't act like it's getting any fuel. What do I need to check now?