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cosavage's Garage

2002 Volkswagen Passat GLX 4dr Sedan V6 4MOTION Auto


2010-10-24 16:36:24
Maxima is awesome   . . . . .   
We drove 17 different cars before choosing this car. My wife loves the comfort and drive, I love the sportiness, my kid
loves that she can control heat/air and radio from the back seat! double sunroofs are awesome. 6 months of ownership
and no complaints. We looked at Infiniti and it is amazing how similar the look of the 2010 Maxima is to the M35 (both
are bulit on the same frame), but 20K cheaper. If you can live without the logo, the Maxima is a far better investment
over the infiniti. Our first nissan--we are converted!

Questions & Answers

A:  Nissan ester oil? ?

I had this same question. I took my 2010 Maxima in for an oil change and the first time they used ester oil ($$) and said it was best for the car. The second oil change I didn't request ester oil and they used regular 5w30! So, no, it will not void the warranty, but you should stay consistent. I'm in the for the long haul with this car, so I'll go back to ester oil on the next oil change and stay with it. All my research says it does make a difference if you plan to own the vehicle past the 80,000 mile mark. I love the car!