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coventry's Garage

2008 Hyundai Sonata Limited 4dr Sedan I4 Auto


So what can I say about this little cheepo? Well, it lasted for 12 years before I finally sold it. It had very few
problems other than the need to replace the exhaust system at about 80k miles. That was an (ouch!) $1700 repair because
NO ONE makes aftermarket parts for this thing. Still, it ran like a trooper. Maybe that was part of the problem because
this car says "cheap cheap cheap" with every breath of it's virtually indestructible power plant. It had ZERO creature
comforts, a loud rough ride, an AC unit the smelled like feet, and the most thinly padded seats I have ever sat in. It
was also so light and flimsy feeling that I was sure the whole thing would shatter like bonomo turkish taffey if I ever
had a real crash.

This was my very first car. It was 5 years old when I got it. It was the biggest piece of S**T I have ever owned. EVER!
Could not be tuned and had an electrical system less reliable than a set of China made xmas tree lights. Went through
camshafts in less time than it takes to get to the tootsieroll center of a tootsiepop. In every dream I have ever had of
dying in a car wreck, I am driving this car.

2009-06-16 06:52:30
The hottest car I ever owned!   . . . . .   
This was my absolute favorite automobile. Of all the cars I have owned, not other vehicle came closer to the experience
of owning an exotic sports car. Wildly impractical, it was nevertheless beautiful. The exhaust sounded like a vintage
Ferrari. The sound system was the only OEM one I've ever owned that didn't make me want to immediately replace it. Alas,
it was stolen and torched after only 18 months, but I enjoyed every moment with it.