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d-nice's Garage

2001 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Base 4dr Sedan 2.4L


2009-04-14 15:33:15
dnice   . . . . .   
i think its a good car besides the fact the dash board is halfway on,other then that shes keeping it moving

Questions & Answers

Mechanic Q: my D4 on my acura RL is flashing ?

it doesnt flash until it hits second or third gear and soon as it starts flashing it starts shifting and holding the gear longer which causes the car burn gas like crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Mechanic Q: im looking for my dipstick ?

i havent been underthe hood before thanks

Mechanic Q: not sure but everytime I go a hundred miles or so at the end of the day I park my car get up in the?

It doesnt make a sound but lights up so I keep trying it and sooner or later it starts but I know one of these days it want start at all.

Mechanic Q: how do i know my collant system it is working right ??

I found that my car was leaking a couple of times from the thermastat hose so i changed that now i find myself filling my overflow bottle at least halfway everytwo weeks or so that how it is suppose to be? i do ride alot too on the weekend

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