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2011 Lexus RX 350 Base AWD 4dr

Questions & Answers

Q: Bulb Failure?

I took the back lights out. I was able to turn and remove all back lights except the right back reverse light. It looks like someone (probably, the previous owner) tried to change the reverse light. The person placed the light in the wrong direction and now it cannot come out of the socket. When I tried to turn the bulb, it turns but not completely as the others. I am not able to pull it out, I do not know what to do next. Some help here will be appreciated. Daniel

Mechanic Q: how do I change the headliner in a 2003 volvo xc90??

The lid that covers the moonroof has become loose and very hard to open. It makes noise each time I try to open it. The moonroof works fine. How do I change the lid or headliner for the moonroof., It looks like it is off the tracks for opening and closing.

A: Steering Wheel hard to turn with loud noise when turning?

Thanks for the reply, it was not the pump. I tried to fill the pump reservoir with power steering fluid, but the fluid started pouring to the floor the moment I put the fluid in the reservoir. This happened even before I started the car. The reservoir is not cracked or anything but I think something is loose or disconnected. there is no leakage at the power steering pump connections.

Mechanic Q: Steering Wheel hard to turn with loud noise when turning?

It is very hard to turn the wheel and when it turns, it makes such a loud noise. When the car is moving, I also hear a loud noise as the car moves. I had the steering wheel pump, the tensioner belt, water pump and alternator with the tensioner belt replaced at 70,000 miles

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