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david_xoix's Garage

2008 Toyota Tacoma Base 4WD Dbl V6 MT (Natl)


2014-11-04 21:59:49
My last service with the rust    . . . . .   
My last service with the rust prevention application went flawlessly. Andrew was on top of everything. The loner car was
spotless and the"in service" training on this model very thorough. Overall very happy this time. Keep up the great work
Andrew! You are an asset to this company.

2013-02-05 14:43:43
Always good, and always cordia   . . . . .   
Always good, and always cordial. Please do not send me any more e mails I will let you know in person when the service
is not up to my expectations. Thank You. I am purchasing another vehicle from your store and I feel that this speaks for
it self.