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2000 Volkswagen Golf GLS 4dr HB Manual

Questions & Answers

A: Best fluids and brands for Legacy 2011?

I haven't seen specs for 2011's yet. It should be in the owners manual, and if not the dealer will know.

A: My Boxster is hard to shift ?

Check the clutch fluid level, you could have a hydraulic problem. If the master or slave cylinder were leaking internally (bypassing pressure), it could result in this effect.

A: Popping sound like gun going off in car?

There could be something wrong in the computer controls causing a backfire (like a problem with the electronic timing control). Take it to the dealer immediately to avoid possible engine damage. Is the vehicle still under warranty?

A: Engine to lean code???

Look for air leaks. Broken or deteriorating vacuum hoses, hissing noises from around the intake manifold and throttle body gasket. There should be NO openings to outside air anywhere from the airflow sensor to the engine.

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