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1991 Acura Integra GS 3dr Hatchback 5-Spd

Questions & Answers

A: 2004 air bag seat sensor's?

Naw, have not been able to find one.

Mechanic Q: 2004 air bag seat sensor's?

The air bag system has shut itself off because of a sensor that wont zero out. Or so the dealer says so, and they want 799.00$ for the sensor. I dont know if that means they install it or not. I was afraid to ask. But it seams that each seat has four sensors under the seat skin and one is messed up. Where can I get a new one? Thanks

Mechanic Q: Front hubs?

O.K. guys, I keep getting wrong info on this so maybe somebody can help. I have a 97 Chevy 3500 CC/Dually (Family vehicle) but it was made for serious towing. The front rotor's are going to be in need of replacing. This has the front hubs and the rotor together and are 10-15" in length if you lay it flat. It also has 8 bolt pattern? I know that this is a heavy duty like when I use to drive tow trucks but I can not find any information at all.

Mechanic Q: Wheel nut torque specs?

I'm repacking my front wheel bearings and need to re-torque my wheel (castle) nut. The issue that im running into is that the Chultons/Haynes manuals only show for Chevy 1500 (12 ft-lbs) so it is regular rotors/hubs not the heavy duty one's like what I have. You know if you lay them flat, thier 10" tall and the regular ones are maybe 3" tall if lucky. I am also looking for the thicknesss for the rotors to be replaced?

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