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dennisp3477's Garage

2014 Toyota Prius Two 5dr HB (GS)


2011-08-12 20:48:05
A Good Car!   . . . . .   
So far, (15,000 miles) this has been a good car. Getting a combined 35.6 mpg and there's plenty of cargo room.
Interior engine noise is a little louder than I would like, and acceleration isn't going to wow anyone, but handling is
excellent, easy to park, and nice interior. Would buy this same car again.

Questions & Answers

A: How much to adjust parking brake??

After they adjusted it I noticed the parking brake was noticeably tighter, and I didn't have to press it down as far when I set it. I think it sets with around 5 or six clicks, whereas before it set with more than 7.

Mechanic Q: How much to adjust parking brake??

Took my 3 year old car in for servicing, oil change, etc., and was told my parking brake needed adjusting. I use it every day because I park on an incline, so I figured they might be telling me the truth. They charged me 50 bucks for this. Did I get ripped off? Thanks.