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dinkybear's Garage

2007 Honda Civic Sedan EX 4dr AT

Questions & Answers

A: Change Brake Fluid??

Thanks so much!

Mechanic Q: Change Brake Fluid??

When the dealer replaced my brake pads last month, would the brake fluid have been changed? This is an 07 Honda Civic and brake fluid hasn't been changed to my knowledge. Do I need to do this?

A: Alignment??

Thanks so much, Ron. I'll have my regular mechanic check it out for me when I go in for inspection. At this time, there's no discernible abnormal tire wear and certainly no pulling when driving. Again, many thanks! Jane

Mechanic Q: Alignment??

I was in Sears tonight for a tire repair and they said they checked my alignment and the car needed an alignment. They provided a computer printout documenting said need. Not knowing how to evaluate the legitimacy of this "advice" (valid recommendation vs money-making scam) I deferred on the aligment. Tires were put on about a year ago (about 9,000mi) and car was aligned then. Any way to independently evaluate their claim? Thanks so much.

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