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drdine's Garage

2005 Cadillac CTS Base 4dr Sedan 3.6L

Questions & Answers

Q: Wheel 18 inch tires and rims fit my cts without alterations to the suspension system??

Will 18 inch rims and tires fit my CTS without alterations to the suspension system?

Mechanic Q: I have rattling noise from underneath the hood or ?

May car rattles periodically from underneath the when accelerating and sometimes when changing gears . The engine does not rattle when idling. I receive a systems anaysis from Onstar every month and it says my fuel injection system and transmission are are fine. I had the transmission fluid replaced and the water pump and coolant replaced three months ago. What could the rattling noise be?

Mechanic Q: How do you remove the engine cover??

I have never had a car with an engine cover.. ho do yo remove it?

Mechanic Q: where could my car be leaking coolant??

The hoses, coolant box and radiator are not leaking . however coolant was pooled underneath the car dripping off the engine block. I also smell coolant through the air conditioning

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