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1997 Dodge Caravan Base 4dr ES 113 WB

Questions & Answers

A: Why does my van bounce when going up hill??

It only happens when going uphill and when the transmission is about to shift to a lower gear. If I press the gear the accelerator it does not do it. Also, if I am paying attention and can tell it is about to shift and press the accelerator it doesn't happen. At other times the transmission works smoothly and the problem doesn't occur. Hope this explains the problem so you will have an idea of what the problem could be. As for the question on the gas, the tank was lowered, the in tank pump was replaced with a new pump with strainer and the outside filter was replace with a new one. Thanks

Mechanic Q: Bad vibration when going up hill?

When I am going up hill I get a bad vibration when the transmission is changing gears.It seems to happen when the transmission is leveling out and stops when you press the gas.If I can tell when it is ready to change I can press the gas and it doesn't happen. If I am lucky I can make it all the way up without a problem. Thanks for any information you can provide. THANKS

Mechanic Q: Why does my van vibrate when going up hill??

When I am going up hill my van starts to vibrate, if I press the accelerate it stops until the engine levels out the then it starts again just before shifting to a lower gear. Pressing the gas stops it. It repeats this until I clear the hill. The rest of the time it runs smooth. I checked the underside and saw that on each side of the isolation bar the bar was shiney like it had been abraised. Could this be my problem.

A: Why does my van vibrate when going up hill??

Thanks. I will let you know as soon as I find the solution for this.

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