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2000 Honda CR-V EX 4WD Auto

Questions & Answers

A: Hard shift from 1st to 2nd.?

Thank you. Sounds like a job for the pros. Kurtis

Mechanic Q: Hard shift from 1st to 2nd.?

My 2000 CRV automatic shifts hard from 1st to 2nd and tach's around high 2 to 3K when it shifts. Car has original trany filter and fluid has been changed multiple times and does not leak fluid. Please advise.

A: Hard shift from 1st to 2nd.?

Elizabeth, Thank you for the reply. It appears this is not a valid link. I found Just Answer but the string does not complete the inquiry. Situation is getting worse with A/C on, very hot in the Midwest.

Mechanic Q: What is code P0420??

Check engine light came on flashed and stays on. I completed fresh tune up two weeks ago on the CRV and running fine.

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