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2004 Honda Accord Sedan DX Manual

Questions & Answers

A: What should the cost of changing the timing belt be??

Depending on where you live, expect to pay $400 or so. Also, since the V70 has an interference engine (meaning that valves could collide if the belt snaps) I would definitely not procrastinate too long on a timing belt change.

A: Is there any benefit to using injector cleaners? ?

Injector cleaners work well and I have had good success with a product called BG 44K. However, I would not use something like this until you have logged some significant miles on the car (60,000-75,000). In the meantime, be sure to use quality fuels like Chevron that already have detergents like Techron mixed in. As your car ages, you'll find that a can of BG 44k or similar can help clean out carbon deposits and other contaminants that have built up over time.

A: Is rotating my tires worth it? ?

All things considered, rotating your tires is beneficial in extending their service life - but by no means do you have to pay the dealer's labor rates to accomplish this. A local wheel/tire shop typically has lower overhead than a dealership and will charge less for this service. Alternately, you can elect to have this done free of charge when your car is in for a brake service and/or suspension service - really any service in which they must remove the wheels - since pulling the wheels on and off is part of what you are already paying for. Alternately, you can invest in a floor jack, jack stands and a torque wrench and do it yourself. The investment will pay off in the long run.

A: How to care for convertible soft top?

I recommend the Raggtopp products as I have had good success with these.

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